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Homeschool Teacher

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Classes offered - Bridge to Pre-Algebra (remedial), Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2.

Classes held in Cleburne.

Are you or your child currently struggling in math?

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Sessions located in Cleburne or Burleson.


Kasidee helped me tremendously with my college algebra class! When I started tutoring with Kasidee I was failing and I just finished and passed with an A!!! Thanks so much Kasidee!!!

Katy | Burleson, TX

Kasidee's approach to solving equations has helped our son tremendously! 

Her step by step process made it easy for him to understand. Since meeting with Kasidee, his grades improved significantly, and he is now eager to tackle new mathematical equations. 

We are truly grateful to Kasidee for taking the stress out of learning algebra.

Jeanine | Fort Worth, TX

Kasidee saved me!!! I was lost without her and struggling to pass my college algebra (1 and 2) class. She provided thorough notes and went above and beyond to prepare material for our sessions. I went from completely lost and almost failing to understanding the material and passing with a 96!! Kasidee is amazing and I could not have done it without her!

Melissa | Burleson, TX


    I'm a math girl - it's as simple as that. You probably wouldn't believe I ever struggled with math, but I did. In fact, math was once my least favorite subject, until a teacher who cared changed everything for me. I hope to be that teacher to many students. I understand that math is a challenging subject, but know that it does not have to be. By breaking down equations and concepts into simple steps, I am able to help students grasp concepts with an understanding they have never had in the past. This style of "teaching to understand," is the cornerstone to success in mathematics. I look forward to meeting you and your student! 

                                                           -Kasidee Jones