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For anyone needing help in any area of math Kasidee should be your go-to! I've struggled with math for my entire life and called her after failing two math courses in college. In just a few weeks she's not only helped me learn and apply the material, but fully comprehend it as well, which is something I've never been able to do! She's extremely thorough and patient, and I'd recommend her for anyone who has struggled with math and wants to break out of that cycle.


Hillsboro, TX

Kasidee Jones is a mathematic wizard! It doesn't matter what you are struggling with, she can help you make it click without hesitation. I highly recommend giving her a call if you want to get rid of your stress in math. Outstanding tutor.


Weatherford, TX

Kasidee was great to work with and helped me get ready for my math final! Working with her was great and Kasidee made everything clear and easy to understand. Things I have struggled with throughout the course were suddenly made very clear by her!! If anyone needs help with their math, I highly recommend going and seeing Mrs. Jones!!


Cleburne, TX

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